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Clitoral Stimulation
Using Hands and Fingers this involves rubbing, stroking and pinching of the clitoris with your finger(s) or the palm of your hand. Sometimes direct stimulation of the clitoris too intense, and you may prefer stimulation near or around the clitoris more pleasurable. Or try a layer of clothing or fabric between the hand and clit.

Finger Stimulation
Palm & Fingers Rub with the palm of one hand on the clitoris and fingers from other hand inside your vagina.

Finger Roll
Finger roll your clitoris between the index finger and thumb.

Lubricated Rub
Lubricate your vulva with baby oil and rub your clit with two fingers until it gets hard. Use a dildo in your vagina.

Left & Right
The middle finger of your right hand rubs your clit. Then start rubbing just to the right of your clit, then quickly move to the left side. (One side of your clit is usually more sensitive than the other.) Most of the rubbing will take place on your more sensitive side. Your left hand is holding the wrist of your right hand. Lie on your back with your legs spread or raise your knees to your head.

Lie on your back with your legs as tightly together as possible. Tickle your clitoris with one finger kind of bent very lightly.


Water Masturbation
The showerhead massage is the control that switches the water from a steady stream to a pulsating jet spray. Keep one hand free and adjust the temperature or water pressure for even more variety. Hot tub jets work, too. Avoid sending strong streams of water into the vagina; this can cause fatal air embolism.

Steady Spray
During the shower find a steady spray and push your vagina forward so the spray hits your clitoris.

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