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People seem to be obsessed with positions. Fun sexual positions are a healthy part of a complete sexual experience. Romance, good communication, patience, physical energy, atmosphere and a person you feel comfortable with are together far more important for great lovemaking.

Missionary Position

The Missionary has often been thought of as unadventurous and amateurish. Nothing could be farther from the truth! The female lies on her back with her legs spread apart. The male then lowers himself on top of the female with his arms supporting his weight. From this position the male has the freedom to thrust or make circular movements with his thighs. If he lowers himself closer to her and rests some of his weight on top of her body, his pubic bone may be able to provide gentle clitoral stimulation. The female can thrust her middle body towards the man using the support of her legs, or grasp the man from behind controlling somewhat his thrusting movements.

Lifting Legs
The woman can lift and bend her legs slightly with her feet flat on the mattress. Many women find this position more comfortable than the traditional missionary position. It allows for greater access to the vagina, which means that both partners will enjoy more intense stimulation. This position can be further enhanced if the woman can put her feet on her partner's buttocks. Adding a particularly delightful feel for the female as the male's pubic bone gently rubs against her clitoris.

Locking Legs
The woman raises her legs higher and locks them around her partner. The higher she can raise her legs, the deeper the penetration because access to the vagina is easier. If she has the flexibility to lock her legs around her partner then she can contribute to his leverage by squeezing him close to her or just hold him with her thighs. Many men find that the feel of their partner's legs around them to be a real turn on. One significant drawback of this position is that some men find it results in hurried orgasms. For this reason we might suggest that you leave this position towards the end of your lovemaking.

Over the Shoulders
The woman places her legs on her partner's shoulders, on both sides of his head. From this position lovers can attain the deepest possible penetration. Be aware that this position can allow too deep a penetration, causing irritation for the woman. The man should always take his cues from his partner and move slowly. The further back her legs are the deeper the possible penetration.

Kneeling Male
This is not a position designed for speedy movements or rapid lovemaking, but rather a slow and intimate encounter. The female lies on her back on the bed with the male kneeling and sitting on his ankles between her thighs. From this position he grabs her thighs and brings her to him. Her bottom and lower back are elevated while her ankles or lower legs rest on his shoulders. To add to her comfort you can place a pillow under her lower back and a couple under her head. There can still be some muscle strain experienced by the woman so this position can not be held for a prolonged period. The female can massage her clitoris manually in this position, or her partner can apply pressure with his thumb, since her weight is supported by her partner and the bed. The man can view the penetration easily which for many is an exciting sight. It also allows the man to deliver a sensual massage of his partnerís stomach, breasts and arms.

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