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Outlined are some big sex positions that are perfect for overweight men, overweight women, and women who are pregnant.

Pregnant Women
These positions are also suitable for pregnant women, especially during the later months, and for anyone that has a heavy midline regardless of the reason.  The pregnant woman should concentrate on the positions that place her on her side or on top of her partner, that way she can control the depth of penetration.  

Always practice safe sex and use your common sense.   If any of these positions cause you discomfort then stop and try another position.   These positions are just suggestions and are open for experimentation and personal adjustments.

Keep in mind that excess weight will cause shortness of breath and some positions may cause discomfort on the knees, depending on level of obesity.

Missionary Style
When the woman is also obese she can lie on her back with her legs bent at the hips, her thighs open as wide as possible, and her knees fully bent. This exposes her vulva and vagina. If her tummy is big she can lift it out of the pubic region until the man gets himself positioned between her thighs. If penetration is difficult pillows can be placed under her buttocks. This changes the entry. When legs or buttocks are raised the angle of penetration and the points of friction will be different. Although, when the woman is overweight it is easier if the male partner sits back on his haunches during intercourse. Too many pillows may make this difficult.

Remember to never drop your full weight on your partner. Prop yourself up with your hands rather than your elbows, and lower yourself gradually. At the first indication that your weight is uncomfortable for her, raise yourself again.

An overweight woman may find it difficult to breathe while lying flat on her back, and an overweight man my find it difficult to catch his breath while doing all the work during lovemaking for a long period of time. The man first stimulates the woman to orgasm without intercourse. Then have sex in the female dominant position, and end with the male dominant position. This position is the most stimulating position for the male and, he is likely to finish before either partner runs out of air.

The man lies on his back, with his legs straight, or knees slightly bent. If he has a lot of abdominal fat, he can lift it up with both hands, as the woman straddles over him with her knees bent, and facing him. She can easily slide his erect penis into her vagina and start her pelvic thrusts either alone or in time with his.

Back To Front
When both partners have particularly large tummies, the woman can straddle the male’s penis with her back to him facing his feet. Push his belly up before you sit completely, then he can rest it up against your ass.

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