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A pillow, a porn movie and a couch. Fast forward the porn tape to a section where entry and penetration of a woman is graphically shot. Fold the pillow so that it holds your penis against your stomach then match the porn stars in the movie "stroke for stroke." Either cum on your stomach or towel off if you choose not to wear a condom.

Insertion & Thrusting

Men have found a variety of things and places into which a penis can be inserted - from hands to watermelons to toilet paper rolls. Men with intact foreskins know that they are highly sensitive and may enjoy pulling the foreskin over the glans, so it serves as a type of sleeve through which the penis can slide. The foreskin reduces friction between the glands and the hand as it thrust into the hand.

Slick Wet Cunt
Slick up your hand with water-soluble lubricant, grasp your penis and try to simulate the feeling of a wet cunt, thrusting and caressing.

Place tissue around a knot hole in the floor and fuck the floor.

Penis Pumps
Pumps have long since been popular with men as masturbation devices. A generic penis pump consists of a long Lucite cylinder which fits over the penis and is attached to a pump. The pump creates vacuum around the penis; in doing so it pulls blood into the area and temporarily enlarges the penis, a feeling many men find pleasurable. Men who enjoy this type of stimulation play with varying degrees of pressure and suction.

You should be sure to follow the recommendations for proper use and avoid using it at high pressure for longer than fifteen minutes. Use ample amounts of water-based lubricant inside the cylinder, as well as around the base of the penis, as this helps create a seal. Attachments for nipples are available with some pumps.

Vibrator Manipulation
A variety of vibrators provide penile or anal stimulation. Back of the hand models, vibrating sleeves, or spot vibrators can all provide intense stimulation.

Vibrator Slide
Slide a battery vibrator along the shaft of your penis.

Double Duo
Put a dildo inside your anus and stimulate your penis with the other hand or with a powerful vibrator.

Water Fun
Women aren't the only ones who can spend enjoyable long periods of time in the bathtub!

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