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  • Wisp a feather over his/her body.

  • Paint on edible body paint, then lick it off. Put it on your hot spots.

  • Brush his/her hair with a soft bristled brush.

  • Brush his/her body with a soft bristled brush.

  • Apply, dab or crush fruits and cream to his/her body. Put them on your hot spots.

  • Drink champagne out of his/her navel.

  • Cover his/her eyes with a mask.

  • Massage body creams all over his/her body.


  • Use a scarf, tie or belt to bind his/her hands. Then rub your body over his/hers.

  • One partner remains clothed while he/she inserts their hands under the clothing.

  • Blindfold one partner, while the other touches them.

  • Keep moving your hands close to his penis, or her clitoris, then move your hands away. Tease him/her.

  • Dress up in skintight clothing.

  • Dress up in see through clothing.

  • One partner removes the clothing of the other partner. The partner being stripped is not allowed to help.


Most common male fantasies are:

  • Being forced by a woman to make love.

  • Group sex.

  • Watching two women have sex.

  • Watching a woman masturbate.

  • Being dominated by a woman.

  • Oral sex.

  • Sex with two women.

  • Sex with a prostitute.

  • Sex with a celebrity.

  • Sex with someone else they know.

Most common female fantasies are:

  • Sex with a complete stranger.

  • Sex with a celebrity.

  • Sex with a friendsí husband.

  • Sex with another woman.

  • Group sex.

  • Being forced to have sex.

  • Sex in front of an audience.

  • Sex with someone else they know.

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