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To enhance foreplay start with sexy undergarments for her like a lacy bra and panties (crotchless too) with garter belt and sheer stockings. For him try jungle print or rip-away underwear with a bow tie. Or you can wear matching maid and butler garments. Have a look around in your local adult store.


Undress yourself in a very provocative way. Remove your clothing with slow hand movements and body movements. Look away from your partner and look back coyly. Step out of your clothes and leave them on the floor, or drape and drag them slowly over your body. For Her: Wrap a stocking around his neck and pull him towards you. Hes not allowed to touch yet!

Finish your teasing by showing him/her your body.

  • Moan while showing off your body.

  • Hold your breast and show them off.

  • Kiss your breasts.

  • Rub your nipples and get them hard.

  • Bend over and open your ass cheeks.

  • Sensuously rub your hands over your body.

  • Lie on your back and pull your vaginal lips open.

  • Finger yourself and play with your clit.

  • Pull gently on your pubic hair.

  • Hold your scrotum and massage your bag gently.

  • Rub your cock.

  • Place your hands on your ass and thrust your cock forward.

  • Stroke yourself softly.


Kiss and caress him or her all over. Take care to touch the erogenous zones like the genitals, breasts, lip, neck, ear lobes, inside thighs, ass, feet.

Kiss open mouthed, gently pull on lips with your teeth, slip in your tongue. Let your tongue and lips caress every part of his/her body. Keep parts of your body always touching and caressing.


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