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Sex Positions: Oral Sex
By Skinful Staff

There are many types of positions when it comes to oral sex, but all of them stem from four basic categories: standing, sitting, and lying down. Each of these has their pros and cons, the paragraphs ahead outline the benefits of each.

Standing Female
This position has the female standing or leaning against the wall of a piece of furniture. With the man on his knees and directly in front or behind, he can begin to perform oral sex on her. It is suggested that the male adjust as required to a position that is comfortable for him. Many men find it hard to perform oral sex in this position because of the way his head is angled, producing strain on the neck and shoulders.

The Standing Male
The roles switch in this position, having the male stand and the woman between his legs. But since the penis is right in front of the female, neck cramps do not occur as frequently as when a man tries to perform oral sex on the female. Females can feel free to pull his penis down for easy access, straighten her back or squat if he is really tall.

The Sitting Female
You can set up for this position by having the female sit on a chair, a couch, or the side of the bed. The male should now situate himself between her legs for easy access. For comfort it is suggested that you place a pillow on the floor and put your hands on her knees. The best thing about this position is the way the man is situated between her legs, the male can also finger her while performing oral sex. To mix it up a little bit the male can place both of her legs on his shoulders while performing oral sex.

The Sitting Male
Women find this position much easier for them since they are between the mans legs and can bend over, rather than reach up to perform fellatio. If a female would like to increase her man's pleasure, she can have him sit at the edge of the chair while she concentrates on his testicles or the perineum.

The Female Lying
You can have the female lying down on her stomach or on her back when performing oral sex in this position. Like the sitting position, you are between her legs or at the side of her body. When in this position don’t forget to concentrate on her inner thighs, the vulva, and the clitoris.

When a girl is on her stomach, you can change things up by propping her on all fours. Now situate yourself so you are sitting behind her and between her legs. This position allows you to gently insert a finger into her anus, if she is willing to experience this sensation.

The Male Lying
Start off with having the male laying on his back with the female between his legs or at his side. When in this position, the female can grip her man's penis and perform oral sex on him.

Females find this position the most comfortable for them since they too can be lying down. This position is great because it gives the best access to his testicles and his perineum which are both very sensitive to stimulation.

If the female wants to she can also place the male on all fours. In this position she would be lying on her back while he is on his hands and knees above her. During oral sex in this position, the male should lower his body so she can perform oral sex on him. This position is also set up for another sexual activity called, "tea bagging". Tea bagging is when the male lowers himself, letting the scrotum drop into her mouth so she can suck on his testicles.

This position is the most intimate of all the oral sex positions since it has both parties stimulating each other at the same time. This position can be performed while standing, sitting, lying on the side, or with either person on all fours. Though very intimate and erotic, the sensations can be overwhelming if either party is close to orgasm.

Sample Oral Sex Positions


Deep Swallow
“One of the best things about this position is that it allows the girl to slide her pussy back and forth and side to side, so the action can be directed by both lovers, extremely intense pleasure possible!”
Boggs, 28



The Dairy Cow
“Many men enjoy some form of testicular stimulation during sex. One of the most sought after techniques is referred to as "teabagging", after the motion of dipping a bag of tea into and out of the water.

Drop your head below his scrotum, with your lips pointed upward at the scrotum. Allow him to lower his scrotum into your mouth. Suck on one testicle, then the other, then both if you can stretch around. Use your tongue to lick the testicles and the base of the scrotum. Take care to be gentle around this area, as men are very sensitive. Start slow and gentle, then work your way up in intensity, watching his reactions closely.”
Haley, 26



Star 69
"An all time favorite, we would be remiss not to include the classic 69 position in our cunnilingus guide. The great benefit of this position is that you'll be receiving pleasure as well as giving it, so make sure you don't stop on your end. You can position yourselves in many ways (even standing), so experiment a little and find what works best for you."
Jasmine, 21

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