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The Penis: A Woman's Point of View
By Kerri Cromwell

There is just something special about a man and his penis. Over the last 15 years I have dated, had sex, and slept with many men and during this time I have come to one conclusion about a man and his penis:

"A man will always be obsessed with his penis”

Guys are so infatuated with their penis that they give their appendage it’s very own name. Many guy friends have names for their member that range from Mikey to The Louisville Slugger. You will never see a female name their genitals or their breasts for that matter. To make things worse, guys are always wondering:

- Is my penis is too small?
- Am I of average length?
- Is my penis big enough to please her?

With guys giving their penis a pep talk before sex, talking to it in third person, and even blaming it for not performing adequately, it is amazing that guys don’t get into more arguments with their penis. Personally, I haven’t found one good reason why men would be so fixated with their penis. In general if you look at a penis, there is nothing too attractive about it. But hey, everything has their good points and their bad points. I am going to tell you what I think.

1. The Shaft
I’ve seen more penises than all of my girlfriends put together and let me tell you that I like to remember what a guy’s unit looks like. I have many images of penises ingrained in my head, and when I masturbate, I often think about all of the different penises that I’ve enjoyed.

When I am up close and personal with a penis, the first thing concentrate on is the head of the penis. It seems so delectate with ranges in colors from pink to purple. The head of the penis seems pretty much the same between guys, but it is the shaft that identifies the man to his penis. Shafts vary in length, thickness, and curve. The biggest distinction is the curve. Some penises seem to curve down instead of up while I have seen a penis that was bent close to the end. A good shaft can make a penis sexy while an ugly shaft can turn me off. I guess you can only be so lucky sometimes!

2. The Pubic Hair
Nothing is more unattractive than a guy who has more hair around his pubic area than on his head. There are a few things that guys should know about pubic hair:

- It gets in the way during oral sex
- It is very unattractive
- It makes your penis look smaller

Trimming pubic hair is a must these days. I take the time with oral sex and I want to make sure I am thorough with what I do. Not only does getting hair stuck in my throat ruin the mood, but it can put an end to oral sex all together. Be kind to your girl and please trim your pubic hair.

3. Foreskin
The first time I was with a man that was not circumcised, I was quite fascinated by it. Not only was it something new, but it was definitely something different. I immediately went down on my knees to see what he could bring to the table. I was introduced to what medical books describe as “a white secretion of the sebaceous glands of the foreskin” or in other words “smegma.” I was disgusted and traumatized by this turn of events. Hygiene is very important to females and if you don’t want to take the time to clean your genitals, then we will not take the time to go down on you. So for the guys who have it, scrub hard and don't forget all the nooks and crannies!

4. The Testicles (The Balls)
In my point of view, the testicles are the next ugliest part of a man’s genitals. They are full of prune-like wrinkles, pubic hair, and are very hard to reach. Many women know that a man’s family jewels can be the most sensitive part of his package, so I have taken this opportunity to make sure that I concentrate on them. Men love to have their testicles sucked, licked, and kissed but there is one thing that they must do for me first…shave them bald!

5. The Size
Yes, penises come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve come across men between 3 inches and 10 inches in length. I must admit that size does matter. On one side of the scale, the guy with a 3 inch penis took the time to satisfy me during foreplay, but he didn’t have the size to turn me on during intercourse. The guy with a 10 inch penis didn’t give me any foreplay and all he wanted me to do was suck his cock or pound me hard from behind. Out of all the guys, I have had the most fun with men around who are thicker and a little bit longer. Not only does a penis of this magnitude feel better but it makes more sense.

6. The Semen
Why is it that all men want their woman to swallow their semen? Then they complain about how our genitals taste? Let me tell you boys, you are lucky if you have a woman that swallows your semen, because it doesn’t taste anything like chocolate or a fine wine.

The taste of semen seems to be different from guy to guy. Chris had ejaculate that tasted acidic, while Brent’s was bitter. Simon’s semen was very sweet and of course I didn’t mind sucking his cock or swallowing because of it. What I found is that Simon’s semen was always sweet if not a bit nutty tasting because he was a vegetarian.

I have come to the conclusion that the taste of a guy’s ejaculate will depend on what he eats and drinks. Guys who are healthy will have better tasting semen because they tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Guys who drink a lot of alcohol, eat junk food all the time, or smokes quite a bit will have a taste similar to how bleach smells.

The Perfect Penis
Adam probably had the nicest penis out of all the guys I have been with. It wasn’t too short or too skinny, he shaved off all his pubic hair on a daily basis and made sure his penis was always clean for me. Not only did he take good care of himself, he never forgot to take care of his penis. Find the right girl, follow these simple examples and you’ll be sure to have her begging for every inch of it – morning, noon and night!

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