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All About Her eZones
By Steve Johanson

Erogenous Zones
You both walk into your apartment after the big date. You tell her to make herself comfortable as you take some time to light candles and turn on some soft music. It's been a couple of weeks of dating and you are happy with your progress. You turn around and notice that she is in her bra and panties waiting for you to come over. You are wondering what the hell you should do. Perhaps a massage? Or should you just start kissing her body? Where should you kiss and what should you do?

There are many males out there that want to know what buttons to press and how to touch a girl when she is naked, or in this case, semi-naked. This month we are going to take a look at the motions that promote sex and her erogenous zones. By the end of this you will know where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

Motions That Promote Sex

There are many ways to lick, but a slow lick is always the best. You can also flick your tongue against her skin, swirl your tongue, and do zigzags across the skin. Feel free to use the back of the tongue as well.

Kissing should be mixed up with licking. The way that kisses differ from licks is that kisses can apply more pressure against the skin. You will find that big muscle groups such as the back and the legs can handle more pressure.

When you get into kissing and licking, you will probably want to mix it up with some sucking. Sucking will usually involve any appendage such as an ear lobe, a nipple, or toes.

There are some women who like it a little rough in the bedroom and enjoy the pain of a love bite. If your partner is one of these people, stick to big muscles like the neck, the legs, and the sides of the stomach. I would not suggest you try biting your partner on the first date.

The Body
When it comes to the body, many females have their own top 10. What we have done is compiled a list of erogenous zones that women loved to be touched. Though this may seem like an obvious list, men are still guessing where to go and what to stay away from. But as a lot of women put it, their entire body is an erogenous zone, so don’t leave any stone unturned. For convenience, we will start at the top of the body where you should begin kissing her, and move down to the feet.

Her Lips
Women’s lips are sensuous and when they are turned on their lips fill with blood and become very sensitive. Don’t stick with the regular kissing and French kissing though. Try letting your lips rub against hers. Try licking her lips slowly or even try giving her lips a fast flick over both lips. Circle her lips with your tongue. All of these moves can be sensual.

Her Ears
This is either a hit or a miss. Some women love having their ears licked while others absolutely hate the idea of it. If your woman is one who loves it then there are a few movements that you can enjoy. Kissing and licking the outer ear lobe will be a turn on. Breathing in her ear, short, slow, puffs of breath, or letting her hear you breathe can turn her on. Be careful when you blow those short puffs! When you are doing this, you should be making the “h” sound as in the word “happy” and not blowing straight into her ear like you do when you blow out a candle.

Her Neck
If you have already explored her body you will know that the neck is a definite e-zone. Licking and kissing these areas tease her and turn her on, making her want (or beg) for more. Don’t stop at he sides of the neck though, the back of the neck is the most sensitive part. This is where you have to use a feather like touch to turn her on. If you do it right you will see goose bumps and chills running up and down her spine.

Her Breasts
This is the part that men love the most, but most of the time they approach it the wrong way. When men approach a breast, they go right for the center of the target and don’t think about any other areas around the breast. These areas include the part of the breast not including the nipple, between both of the breasts, and most of all, where the breast and the rib cage meet.

Licks, kissing, and sucking this area must take place for the nipples to get erect. When the nipples are at attention, feel free to suck, flick, lick, and nipple. Be gentile if you do nibble, we don’t need to take a trip to the hospital!

Her Stomach
The stomach is very sensitive for women, but it seems that the sides of the stomach can be even more sensitive. We have found that the majority of the women surveyed loved having the sides licked.

Her Back
Like the back of the neck, the upper back is the most sensitive part of the back. Soft kisses in this area will have the same effect as kissing the back of the neck. As you work your way down the back, you can kiss and lick the spine. Just before you get to her buttocks you will find what many men call the Bermuda Triangle. It is a spot on the lower back where you will find two dimples. Connect these two dimples with the top of the buttocks where the two cheeks meet and you have a triangle. Have fun around these two dimples since women love having them touched and massaged.

Her Legs
When it comes to the legs, it is a good idea to start at the heel of the foot and work your way up to where the legs meet her buttocks, as well as her privates. The best strategy would be to work on one leg for five minutes then switch over to the other leg for another five minutes. Section of the legs into three areas: lower leg, the back of the knees, and the upper thigh. Play with the upper thighs on both legs. This will prime her up for some good oral sex!

Her Feet
The feet are like the ears, they either love it or hate it. Those who love it will also love having their toes sucked. One word of advice is to make sure that there is no fuzz from any socks before you start sucking! Otherwise, be gentle and sensual in your oral approach to feet.

Licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling are one thing, but by knowing these hot spots you will also know which areas to concentrate on when giving her an erotic massage. What you will also notice is if your lover is ticklish, and that your gentle touches will feel more sensitive and turn her on more. Remember that these techniques are meant to benefit the both of you. So, explore, enjoy and excite her eZones every chance you get!

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