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Exhilarating Sex Positions (Male Superior & Side by side)
By Skinful Staff

When it comes to sex, there is nothing more exhilarating than a few new sex positions. It stems for our craving for something new, something different. But as the years passed you have become accustomed to the eight positions that have learned to love: Male Superior (Man on Top), Female Superior (Woman on Top), Standing, Sitting, Side by Side, Rear Entry, Cunnilingus Positions, and Fellatio Positions. Over the next four months we will take a look at two different positions, the benefits for the male and the benefits for the female. We will the conclude with simple tips and techniques to make this position better for both of you.

Sex Positions: Male Superior
The male superior position is the most basic position and has the woman on the bottom and the man on the top. This sexual position is very common and widely used in westernized societies. Though many people feel that this position is boring and not creative, it does build on intimacy and bringing the couple closer.

There are many variations of the male superior position. Many of the positions start with the man on lying on top of the female. These positions are great for kissing and building intimacy. Other variations have the man on his knees while the female has her legs up in some fashion. These include wrapping her legs around his waist and putting one or both legs up on his shoulders. By changing the position of her legs and the position of her body, you can manipulate the angle of penetration and therefore provide new and different sensations during intercourse.

Benefits for Males
- The male is in control
- Men get to control the thrusting
- Men get to control the depth

Benefits for Females
- Allows contact to many erogenous zones
- Males can touch body parts
- Allows for kissing

Benefits for Both
- Promotes intimacy
- The couples are closer
- It allows for eye contact

Sample Positions

The Jack Hammer

“You lie face up on your bed. Raise your legs to an eye-popping 90-degree angle, then have your guy grab your ankles. He can also extend his arms out to his sides, as your legs are spread-eagle. Now he enters you while kneeling and begins thrusting.” Sara, 28

The Slider

“I'm surprised at how well this position works. I can SEE and better yet FEEL my penis head rubbing against her clitoris. Very effective. “ Kyle, 30

Side By Side
This position starts with the female on her side and the male behind her also on his side. Since many couples sleep in this fashion, it is not surprising to hear that spooning before bed, while they are sleeping, or when they wake up, will lead to a sexual encounter.

On The Side: Does Size matter?
Well that all depends on the female. There are many females out there that have small vaginas. There are also many females that enjoy large penis. So, in many instances, the size of the penis does matter. But there are also situations where a man’s penis is too big.

Men who are well endowed that fully penetrate a woman can hurt her by constantly hitting the cervix. This can cause major discomfort when having sex.

Because of the way that the male is angled, in the side by side position it does not allow for deep penetration which is a great position for males who have large penises. For those men who are of average size, don’t worry because slight/partial penetration of the vagina is also very stimulating.

Since one or both hands are free in this position, the male can use his hands for extra stimulation of her back, her breasts, and her clitoris. This position can be varied in many ways by the female changing the angle she is lying in or the position of her legs. Furthermore, the male can also move around controlling the angle of penetration and how he is thrusting.

Benefits for Males
- The male is in control
- Men get to control the speed of the thrusting

Benefits for Females
- Allows for clitoral stimulation
- Allows for penetration without hurting them (for men who have a large penis)
- Allows for kissing of her back and touching of her breasts

Benefits for Both
- Promotes intimacy
- The couples are closer
- It allows for eye contact

Sample Positions

Love Fusion

“If your man's penis is petite, this one's for you. At this angle, he can give you maximum penetration. Plus, the skewed point of entry means his penis hits all sides of your vagina (not just the top and bottom), giving you tons of sizzling sensations.”

Bamboo Split

“This position is great because it combines the cozy intimacy you expect from spooning with the G-spot-rubbing you get from rear entry doogy style. Bonus: both of his hands are free to caress your breasts and stimulate your clitoris.”


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