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How to Strip for Your Lover...
By Lucy Jacobs

Trying to think of new ways to seduce your girlfriend? Has she caught on to your trick of getting her drunk and then groping her? Well, gentlemen, it’s time for some new material, so why not try stripping for her? It might sound like a strange suggestion, but it’s something that you will likely both enjoy (so long as you are not aggressively thrusting your hairy pelvis into her face and waiting for her to stuff dollar bills down your shorts). And while men stripping can often be more hilarious than seductive, it doesn’t have to be that way. Use stripping as a way to make your girlfriend laugh, relax and see your body up close and in motion…which will then, hopefully, lead to sex. Read on to find out more about how to strip for your girlfriend.

Are women turned on by male strippers?
Unless you work as an erotic entertainer for living, your girlfriend has probably never seen you strip. Granted, she’s probably seen you naked a million times, but there’s something about a gyrating pelvis that gets women hot and bothered…if you run into Elvis, just ask him about it.

Are strippers a bit tacky? Yes. But if you don’t think that women are turned on by the sight of a fit, hairless and muscular naked male body, then you are disillusioned. All the proof you need can be found on in your local strip club. Anyone who has gone there on male stripper night has seen women go wild. Not only do they want to see men naked, but they are eager to touch them too!

Armed with this knowledge, you can use male stripper techniques to your advantage, which will lead to hot sex and oral action.

How do you start?
Don’t tell your girlfriend that you are going to strip for her one night. Let it be a surprise for her. Before the big night though, you will need to do a few things. First, make sure you have trimmed or shaved your pubic hair. It’s important that you look the part, and professional strippers don’t have stray public hair getting in the way. Remember, trimming your pubes will help make other things in the region look bigger, and that’s always good, isn’t it? Second, buy thong underwear that barely contains your package. Then pick one or two songs that you can dance to and practice taking off your clothes. Do a run through before the big moment, so that your act looks polished.

The reason you are stripping is to turn your girlfriend on. Keep this in mind the whole time, making sure you have all the necessary props handy. You should get a can of whipped cream, something to tie her hands (or your hands) and some ice.

The Art of Stripping and Seduction
Now that you’ve got all the tools needed and your act down pat, you are set. When your girlfriend comes over, make her sit on a chair, blindfolded. Turn on the music and start your act. Then ask her to take her blindfold off. She will be very surprised to see you and will probably think it’s funny, but once you start getting excited, she’ll be able to tell, and then she will also get excited.

Having her sit on a chair is great because it allows you to straddle her for a mini lap dance of sorts, and move away quickly before she can get a hand on you. In fact, a great way to tease her and drive her mad with desire is to tie her hands to the chair. Then, grind your nearly naked body against hers, slowly removing your skimpy underwear. Wiggle your member and ass in front of her. She can’t move her hands, but she will probably try to use her tongue to get at you, and that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Make sure that your movements are smooth and not too jumpy. She doesn’t want a flapping cock banging her in the chin; instead, make sure you entice her by applying oil to your body and then whipped cream to your penis. Like the blowjob shooter, she will have to do this one in the hands-free position, using only her tongue to eat the whipped cream off your package.

When the dance is over…the fun begins
Unlike most strippers, your act will culminate with hot sex and not just $200 in cash. While the music is still playing, but you are nearing the end of your act, you should put the blindfold back on your girlfriend. With her hands still tied to the chair she’s sitting on, slowly undress her. Unbutton her shirt, slip off her bra and then work on her pants and underwear.

She will be waiting for you to have sex with her by this point, and because she’s still blindfolded, she won’t know that you are about to give her oral pleasure. After teasing her clitoris, you can untie her hands and let her get off the chair. Now you take her place and pull her on top of you, putting you in a great sitting sex position. She can either face you or you can enter her from behind. This will give you great access to her breasts and clitoris, while you are inside of her.

Before you reach orgasm, have her blindfold you and treat you to some exciting oral delight as well, using the oil to rub your chest and the whipped cream for a sweet treat.

And for the grand finale, have her untie you, and then bend her over the chair. She can use the chair as leverage while you enter her from behind, reaching around to arouse her breasts and clitoris.

When everything is said and done, she will be so happy that you got up the nerve to strip for her and she will be expecting it all the time! Before you know it, you will be an expert and she’ll be getting you to strip for her friends’ stagette parties too. Okay, maybe that's going a little to far! But the point is that sex is fun only if you make it that way. Don't be afraid to try something new once in a while — you might end up with a horny girlfriend at home who loves to see you naked! That wouldn't be so bad would it?

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