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Under The Covers - Role Playing
By Skinful Staff

"Under The Covers" is a set of sexual games that any couple can enjoy when they are looking to add some enjoyment and fun into their sex life. With these games, you will build the intimacy between you and your partner and increase the lines of communication inside and outside of the bedroom. "Under The Covers" games require a sense of imagination from both you and your partner, putting you directly in the roles required in the game. Both you and your partner will be put in a situation where you will have to act like a certain character, play a certain role, or experience situations that you have never experienced before.

These games were developed so both parties win. There is no competition between you and your partner so that each of you will enjoy the giving and receiving that each game allows. Remember that sexual games involve feelings and emotions that affect both you and your partner. Therefore, it is important that you create a word to use if you want to stop. "Red" is a good word that many people use. It is absolutely crucial that both parties stop when the stop word is used. So if there is something that
you feel you don't want to participate in, use the stop word and modify
it accordingly. If there is something you feel is uncomfortable, then
stop and change it.

Pre-Game Instructions

Before the games are played you will have to choose who is going to be
more dominant in each of the sex games. There are the male dominant or the female dominant. Sit together and choose who is going to make the critical decisions in the game.

Role Playing Instructions

1. Choose the Personalities
For the sake of these games, we will provide you with 3 types of
personalities. If you choose the male to make the decisions, then the male will choose both personalities, and vice versa. During the
duration of the game, you will have to take part in this new
personality. If you break out of the personality, then you will forfeit the game and will owe your partner a "sexual favor".

2. Plays
We will develop the scenario for you. There will be three scenarios provided and you can feel free to play out one of the scenarios.

3. Positions
We will give you three positions to work with. The three positions will should be hidden from the non-dominant party. In order to finish off the game, all three positions have to be completed. If the dominant person does not complete all three positions, then they will have to forfeit a"sexual favor". If the person does complete the task, then the non-dominant partner owes a forfeit.

4. Proceeding
Feel free to dress up for the occasion to play the role. You will have one hour to complete the task.

5. Forfeits
Forfeits can be favors (mostly sexual) that must be completed within the next 24 hours. Oral sex is one example. A back massage is another. You can also use 'doing the dishes' as a forfeit. The partner who is doing the forfeit should feel comfortable doing it, so if anal sex is one forfeit and one partner doesn't feel comfortable doing it, then the other partner has to choose something new. Remember: the forfeit must be
completed within 24 hours, so there is no way a forfeit can be a trip to

The Three Personalities
Male: Prison Guard, Rock Star, Adult Movie Director
Female: Nurse, Prostitute, Queen

The Three Plays
Scenario One - The Erotic Massage
He is on a blanket that is spread along the floor. With some massage oil, she starts at his chest and moves lower and lower with each stroke. Finally she gets down to his genitals and she uses her fingers as she gently touches him. She starts first with her entire hand, then her finger tips, and finally her finger nails. Ever so gently she touches him intimately. He helps her by guiding her fingers and telling her what to do and where to go.

Scenario Two - Look But Can't Touch
She starts my moving sensually in front of him. Her body and skin are pleasing to the eye and he wants to touch her. She moves her hips side to side and she leans forward touching herself, teasing him more and more. She bends over in front of him and takes a look back. He wants more but he is not allowed to touch until she says. Finally, he can touch. He will concentrate on her entire body inclucing her breasts, arms, and legs, Touch her using every part of your body: hands, fingers, lips, and of course the penis. He will try to bring her to an orgasm touching her in this manner.

Scenario Three - The Steam Room
The couple heads down to the bathroom where they turn on the shower. As they light some candles and drink some wine, they enjoy each other's company until they are both hot and want something more. The use the wine to drip all over their bodies. They lick it up and want more. Spread a couple of towels along the floor and take part in a few different positions. Jump in the shower and wash each other's body. Towel off and the couple can continue some where else to finish the game.

The Three Positions

The Eiffel Tower

Backdoor Getaway

The Richter Scale

Time Frame
1 hour

Have fun and play safe!

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