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Threesome Please!
How to make 1 + 1 = 3

By David Navratil

Are you still in the 'madly in love' phase of your relationship? If you are, then you have only been dating for six weeks or less. If you are a little further along the timeline, then you must be ready to throw a little spice at your sugar. We are talking threesome’s here! Forget the hot oil massages, the kinky sex toys, the Kama Sutra & ESO books; it’s time to bring something new into the bedroom – another woman. This article is not what you are going to do once it happens; it’s about how to convince the love of your life that this is the best thing since sliced bagels. So read on and prepare to get ‘threed!’

Step #1
Introducing the idea in a casual, non-threatening way.

Husband: “But honey, having a threesome will be so great for you. In fact, sometimes I think you will come out of this way better off than I will.”

Wife: “How do you figure that?”

Husband: “Because after I fall asleep, you will have someone to talk to!”

All jokes aside, this step is very crucial for several reasons. First, your significant other may be just as keen as you are. If she jumps at the idea, then go directly to step #4. If not, then read on. By bringing it up in a non-threatening way, you introduce the idea gradually into your conversation stream. The trick is to trick her. Maybe rent a movie that has a hot threesome sex scene – like “Threesome” (1999, 1994 & 1970), “Summer Lovers” (1982) – featuring a young Darryl Hannah. If you have never seen this classic, go rent it tonight. It is every single man’s fantasy come true. There is also a hot & steamy scene in “Wild Things” (1998), starring Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. The scene pretty much launched Richards career, and was talked about for months. The point is, you watch the movie and get her thinking about it. If she is repulsed by the idea, then you have a long way to go. If she is intrigued, then keep up the pressure and move to step two.

Step #2
Once a dialogue has been established, start exploring the idea of who should be the third.

At this point things are looking good. You have convinced her to consider the idea, now you can start to discuss the third person. I am going to assume you want a woman, not a man, so here are a few things to watch out for. First, let her mention the first person. Ask her to give you an example of the kind of woman she would consider doing this with. If you blab out the name of some chick that you have been fantasizing about – like her best friend or sister – you may blow the whole deal right there. In fact, a friend might be a better idea than a stranger. Let her take the first step, and then the two of you can narrow down the list. Second, do not pick someone that is totally hot. You do not want to intimidate your girlfriend. Remember, this is her domain; she must be the queen bee. The third person is for your entertainment value only. Once you have agreed on the woman you both want, then go to step#3.

How do you invite the third without getting slapped?

Your best bet is to get the three of you together alone for dinner and lots of wine. Create the mood and then bring it up together. Flattery is the key here. You do not want this person – who could be a close friend – to be offended. A compliment or three about her looks and body, some friendly touching – you know the drill. Once she is in the mood, then bring it up. The fact that you are asking together will have a big impact and should ease her mind. If she says yes, then move to the next step. Otherwise, call up the next person on your list.

Step #4
The big night.

If you made it this far, the chances are you won’t drop the ball on the goal line. The key her is to remember that this is just as important to you, as it is to the third. Do not make her feel like a cheap slut – unless she wants you to! Make her feel special. If she won’t go at it then and there, then plan another romantic dinner at your house. Have a few drinks, and then move the whole show into the bedroom. Have candles – and anything else – ready well in advance. (Maybe put away the vibrating anal beads and ceiling swing for the first night). If you make the third feel important and sexy, things will go smoothly. A few tips: make sure you pay more attention to your girlfriend than the new girl; try not to enjoy the sex with the new girl too much; make sure everybody has an orgasm; make sure you don’t leave them alone too often – you do not want to be left out of this party!

Step #5
More please!

Are you hooked? Well, if you are then your girlfriend might be to. Now you can break out your little black book from high school and start going through the list of women you always wanted. Eventually you can add a third woman into your lovemaking on a regular basis, and your girlfriend will be looking forward to each new woman you bring into the bedroom. Remember: Two’s a couple, but three is just more damn fun!


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