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Handplay (The Art of Fingering)
By Skinful Staff

You have been dating this girl for a few weeks now and the furthest that you have gone with her is kissing, with few cheap feels. The last time you were with her you were able to get her clothes off, but she didn't want to take off her bra and panties. This weekend you feel that luck is on your side and you are about to take the plunge into the most foreplay you’ve gotten in... who remembers when! Well if this is the case then keep reading, because we are about to give you some foreplay secrets that you or your partner have never known existed! You are about to learn the secrets of handplay and fingering that masters have been using on women for years!

I hope that you have read the last few articles on foreplay because these are important. If you think that you are good enough to skip these steps, you are dead wrong. These are the basics and you should learn from them. But not only should you learn from them, you should add them to your repertoire as you learn what your lover likes and dislikes. Don’t get lazy because sex is about exploring not about sitting back and doing nothing.

The Preliminaries
Now that you have the basics of foreplay under your belt, you will have to learn a whole new set of rules for handplay. The first cardinal rule about handplay is making sure your hands are up to snuff. There are three areas that you must look at:

1. Your Fingernails
Your fingernails are a tell tale sign about your hygiene, women pick up on these signals. Fingernails must be trimmed appropriately and there should be no sharp edges or cracks. When your finger is in there, nicks and edges can scratch her making it extremely uncomfortable or even painful. You should also watch out for hang nails and other cuts. Since your hands are exposed to vaginal fluids and blood, STDs such as HIV can be passed to you if you are not fully protected.

2. Your Hands
Clean hands are a must. If your hands are dirty or smelly, she will definitely be turned off. I am not trying to be picky here, I am just trying to set you up for success. So take the time to wash or scrub your hands before entering any foreign crevice. If possible use a bacterial soap to be safe.

Hands that are calloused and rough are not plearuable to females, so after you have washed your hands, put on some hand cream. This makes your hands nice and soft for the pleasure that you are about to give her.

3. Lubrication
Some females don’t get wet until it comes to intercourse while others don’t get wet at all, so have some lubricant available. Lubrication, hand lotion, massage oils, and condoms should always be stored in your bedside table or in a box under your bed.

Knowing Her Body
The lower half of her body is a complicated place. There are parts and pieces that men don’t have and just by looking at her privates, how is a man supposed to maneuver around? For your convenience we are about to give you the heads up on her genitals. After you have read this material, take a look at your female’s privates and try to find all of the parts. It is a great way to explore her intimately and get to know her body better. It is also great knowing these areas for when we cover oral sex!

Females Privates 101

The entire are of your female’s privates is called the vulva. The vulva consists of a series of smaller parts which are outlined below.

The lips on the outer part of the vulva are called the labia. There are two parts of the labia: Labia Minora and Labia Majora. The Labia Majora is the outside parts of the labia. The inside lips are called the Labia Minora.

This is the opening where urine is expelled. This hole is so small that you may not be able to see it, but it is located between the clitoris and the vagina.

A man usually thinks that her vulva is actually her vagina, but the vagina is the entry and exit point for the female reproductive system. This is where you will start when it comes to fingering a girl.

Mons Pubis
The pubic hair located north of the vulva is called the mons pubis. Throughout the years females have taken the liberty to trim, shape, and shave it in many ways. There are even some that have shaved or waxed this completely off for men who love oral sex.

Right above the urethra and the vagina is an organ called the clitoris. This is the part of the female genitals that contains most of the nerve endings, it is comparable to the head of a penis for a male. The clitoris may be hiding under a layer of skin called the clitoral hood, which is there for protection.

This mystery spot is inside the vagina about an inch to an inch and a half inside. Located on the upper wall of the vagina, when stimulated, it can bring a girl to orgasm. Though many men look for this spot when fingering a girl, it is not the only spot you should concentrate on.

Position 1 - Straddle
When learning to finger a girl, it is best to mimic how she masturbates. The best way to do this is to sit behind her and rest your hand on her pubic bone. You can then use your hands to play with her vulva, her vagina, and her clit. If you feel comfortable asking her, let her words guide you. Learn from her words where she wants to be touched and how.

Next month, we will be providing you with more positions and ways to stroke her, so stay tuned for bigger and better things!

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