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If you have a problem with your loved one, you've come to the right place.  Our Sex Advice Forum is a great place to get assistance to whatever ails you.  For both, the novice lover or the bonafide sexpert to share ideas and advice to complicated problems.
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The Basics
The fundamentals of sex. Understanding the basics is the key to your success with sex and love. Are you having trouble with the fundamentals?
5383 1036 02.17.04
The Body
Need help understanding how the body of the opposite sex works? Do you want to discover new erogenous zones and offer new sensations to your partner's body? Post any problems related to the body here.
4411 917 02.17.04
Hand Play
Problems with giving him a hand job? Having trouble while you are fingering her? Do you wonder if you are doing it right? Your questions on these topics and more can be answered here!
3204 774 02.18.04
Oral Sex
Are you ever down there and wonder to yourself - What do I do next? - What am I doing? - How do I do this? This forum helps you with becoming the best you can be when you are down under.
5542 1098 02.18.04
Putting in hours and still can't satisfy her? Is there something that you want to try but he is not interested in trying it? Post your dilemmas here and let us find a solution to your problems.
3862 861 02.16.04
Other Sexual Practices
Are you having problems trying to convince your partner to participate in other sexual practices?
2710 482 02.17.04
After Play
She wants more and he wants to sleep. He wants to eat and she wants to cuddle. Worried about how to handle the situation after sex? A resolution to all your problems can be found here.
742 150 02.06.04
Sex Tidbits
Is there a minor problem holding you back from experiencing that ultimate pleasure? Explain your problem to us and we will help you find a solution.
2188 462 02.14.04
Sexual Rendezvous
Are sexual rendezvous a hassle? Trying to find more time for sex? Explain your crisis and we will give you the key to solving it.
1761 272 02.14.04
Other Sex Topics
Topics regarding other sex topics can be discussed here. If you are in a tight spot and need an answer post it here.
4063 869 02.17.04
Love Advice
Need advice on for questions of the heart? Here is where you can go.
356 102 02.18.04
Adding Romance
Love life getting a little stale and boring. Add some spice to your life.
79 12 01.25.04
Marriage blues? Learn to make the most out of marriage.
395 52 02.02.04
Long Distance Relationships
Have a question on how to cope with your long distance relationship? Learn more here...
73 14 01.25.04
Dating Advice
Advice for those who are playing the field.
150 39 02.17.04
Broken Hearts
Has your relationship fallen apart? Still looking for answers?
181 41 02.16.04
Online Personals
Looking for love in all the wrong places. See what is availible online.
46 14 02.05.04
Relationships - The Male Perspective
Do you girls have questions about men? Do you need a male's point of view?
302 51 02.12.04
Relationships - The Female Perspective
Do you guys have questions about women? Do you need a woman's point of view?
174 40 02.03.04
Romantic Ideas
Need ideas for romantic dates, dinners, or gifts? Take A Look inside.
118 25 02.15.04


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